Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gianna is a walker

Our little sweetheart started walking on May 23rd @ 10 months and 1 week old. She is so fast and tries to walk faster than her legs can move her. She lunges head first into a pace with her arms sticking out behind her like she's on a mission. Her new thing is nodding her head "yes". She does this when she plays or walks, and I'm trying to show her that she can answer mommy that way too.

We went to Gianna's first kid party on Sunday June 5, and she was passing by all the one year olds making her way around. She ate a little bit of birthday icing too and obviously loved it. Everyone went to the pool after the party, and Gianna didn't have her bathing suit, but REALLY wanted in the pool but we had another party to attend. We ended up taking her to the pool in our complex the next day and she loved it! We'll definitely be in the pool a lot this summer.

Gianna's top left tooth started to break skin this past weekend also, and the right one will be following. She got her bottom two at the same time also.

She also loves books and music. We recently bought her the Meowsic Toy Piano by "B" and she plays with it all the time. It plays songs, and you can play on the keyboard with a traditional piano tune, a banjo tune, a meow tune, a bell tune etc. You can record a song you play, and there is a microphone that plays your voice over the speaker and she loves to hold the mic and hum into it. I'll get that on video soon. She is certainly a lover of music.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Many months of updates

It's been WAY too long since I've updated this blog. Gianna is so active and into everything, and I haven't even had much time to write in her diary I've been keeping for her.

She is 9 1/2 months now and will be walking any day. She has been sitting up on her own since 4 months, and since about 7.5 months she's been "crawling". We call it her "primate crawl" because she wont use her knees. She walks like a gorilla, with her hands and feet all on the ground, but boy can she get areound like that. I'm sure it's much faster than any normal baby crawl would be. She's smart!

Gianna has also been standing without holding anything since about 8 months. Now she pushes things and walks with them, she holds furniture and walks along side of it and is into EVERYTHING! We had to baby proof the house at the end of April because she is fascinated with light sockets and staircases, and everytime we'd turn our back she was across the room within seconds!

We just blew up her baby pool last Sunday, and she had a lot of fun in it. She loves the water like her Daddy. When she watches Sesame Street, and the Beaches Family Resort commercial comes on at the end, she stops whatever she is doing an watches it. It's so funny. We'll have to take her there one day.

In the water I splash and splish...look, I'm a giggly, wiggly fish. Gianna loves to go to the park, and it's part of her daily routine during the week with Grandma. She loves the swings and the slides.

Gianna has also been teething, and it seems as if all my body parts are victims of her jaw! Our sweet little girl always has her hands in her mouth.

The top two teeth are about to break skin. The bottom two have been in for a while now. It looks like she might be getting more teeth along the sides next to the bottom ones now too.

Her teeth were bothering her so much a few days ago that for 3 days in a row she fell asleep in the shower with Daddy. She always likes to have a little cuddle with us right when she gets in the shower, but I guess she was in pain and found it very relaxing those few days.

Gianna thinks she is such a big girl now that she stands and gets herself all over the house with her primate crawl.

I thought you had more time before the kids got into everything, but Gianna has been into everything since 7 1/2 months. She's one smart cookie.

Gianna and Daddy in DC in February 2010

Gianna was our tour guide!

Baby's first balloon. We were in Trader Joes and the clerk gave another little girl a balloon and Gianna wouldn't take her eyes off of it.

Gianna and Gab!

We had a huge snow storm and were snowed in for a week. Gianna and Daddy:

Gianna and Mommy:

Baby's first snow:

We did a side-by-side comparison to see who Gianna looks like:


Our little baker?:


Gianna started drinking from a cup in December @ 5 months:

Gianna and Gab in January before we took the tree down:


All 3 of us on a lazy day:

Gianna and Daddy on Christmas:

All 3 of us December 2009:

I'll try to keep up with this blog more, so I don't have to do such a large post again. Be blessed! xoxo

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update- PICS!!!

I haven't posted on this blog in a while, so this post will be loaded with pictures and captions.

Gianna is 3 months old and time is flying by so fast. We love every second of being her parents, and she is such a joy and blessing in our lives. It is the coolest thing watching her grow and learn and figure out new things. We love it!!!

Gianna started showing signs of teething a few weeks ago. She constantly wants to chew on our fingers, her toys, and her own hand. She balls her hand up into a fist and tries to eat it. I'll have to get a picture of that soon. It's so funny!

Gianna loves playing and is very alert. She loves her toys, but she loves playing with us and talking more. She is not camera shy at all, and whenever you bring out the camera she is ready to pose. Future model?
Gianna still LOVES the water. She usually takes one or two baths in her tiny tub a week, and at least one Jacuzzi tub a week with Mommy and Daddy. It's one of our family "play times". On the nights she's not in the bath or Jacuzzi tub showers with either Mommy or Daddy.
She will spend up to 45 minutes in the Jacuzzi at a time and would probably stay in longer if we let her. She kicks and floats and has figured out she can splash. Splashing is very messy when she takes one of her baths in the portable tiny tub, because we put it on the counter in our bathroom, and by the time she's done we have water all over the mirror and counter. Haha! She's so fun!

Gianna mastered tummy time a long time ago, since she has always had a very strong neck since birth, but now she LOVES staring at herself in the mirror. She stares at the people holding her in the mirror too. She smiles a lot and talks to your reflection, as well as her own. I think we will have a social butterfly on our hands. I'm just glad she's not shy!
Gianna likes to hold toys and cuddle with them now. She grabs things and swats at them and plays with them, and has been for a few weeks now. She's so smart!
Hmmm....should I eat my fist or the hippo's ears? How about both?

Gianna playing...
I love my baby!
Our snuggle bug...
We went to Florida to visit Gianna's Italian side of the family in September. Gianna went in the pool for the first time and she loved it. The water was warm and she loved her float and ladybug bathing suit that our family bought her!
We took her to the ocean and had a mini photo shoot there. We took a TON of pics. Good thing digital cameras were invented, or we would have spent a ton on film during this trip.
Gianna sleeping in FL.
Aunt Donna made Gianna this Lei to wear at her first beach outing. Gianna loved the ocean and putting her feet in the sand. She was very patient with the hundreds of photos we took of her, even though it was nap time!
Nonna visited us in September, and was here for 4 or 5 weeks I think. Gianna and Nonna are so cute together, and they love singing old songs. Nonna sings and Gianna tries to sing along. It's adorable. Gianna talks to Nonna on skype now that she's gone. This picture is of Gianna, Nonna and Daddy talking to Papa Artoor.
Gianna and Nonna...
Gianna with Nonna & Grandma

Check back again for more updates on our Angel.