Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gianna is a walker

Our little sweetheart started walking on May 23rd @ 10 months and 1 week old. She is so fast and tries to walk faster than her legs can move her. She lunges head first into a pace with her arms sticking out behind her like she's on a mission. Her new thing is nodding her head "yes". She does this when she plays or walks, and I'm trying to show her that she can answer mommy that way too.

We went to Gianna's first kid party on Sunday June 5, and she was passing by all the one year olds making her way around. She ate a little bit of birthday icing too and obviously loved it. Everyone went to the pool after the party, and Gianna didn't have her bathing suit, but REALLY wanted in the pool but we had another party to attend. We ended up taking her to the pool in our complex the next day and she loved it! We'll definitely be in the pool a lot this summer.

Gianna's top left tooth started to break skin this past weekend also, and the right one will be following. She got her bottom two at the same time also.

She also loves books and music. We recently bought her the Meowsic Toy Piano by "B" and she plays with it all the time. It plays songs, and you can play on the keyboard with a traditional piano tune, a banjo tune, a meow tune, a bell tune etc. You can record a song you play, and there is a microphone that plays your voice over the speaker and she loves to hold the mic and hum into it. I'll get that on video soon. She is certainly a lover of music.


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